Thursday, January 25, 2018

Happy Birthday to Virginia Woolf

One of my favorite books of all time is Virginia Woolf's modern novel Mrs. Dalloway.  It's a poetic masterpiece, reflecting the day in a life of a London housewife whose major concern that day revolves around a party she's throwing that night.  But that's too simple.  The party reflects her effort to bring people together, an effort that is as artistic as anyone's painting, dance, or musical composition.  It's the artistic arrangement of people.
The novel presents the reader with some difficulties, as it shifts from one mind to another, but for the determined reader, it's a fantastic voyage.

One of my favorite new media projects related to this story is a mapping project, reflecting the ways in which the characters move about in their day in London.  Other mapping projects are available, but the Mrs. Dalloway Mapping Project is my favorite.  Check it out! 
Happy Birthday, Virginia. 

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