Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Break Media Consumption

Much of spring break I stayed away from media consumption, but I also consumed a lot, more than I used to, and lots more than when I was in Paris on Hawaii!

I stayed in a hotel room for three nights, leading up to spring break, and during that time I watched a little TV, some cable TV, which I don't usually have.  I watched a cage match, or some kind of fighting, mixed martial arts maybe.  Some Irish guy, Conor McGregor and another dude that he polished off pretty quickly.

And some little bits of a couple of the Rocky movies, one with Mr. T in it.

We listened to a playlist on a phone on the drive to MLPS.

I listened to a lot of people talk, with NO visual aids, from students to authors to other teachers.

I bought a book that I read most of--poetry by Gary Dop.

We watched the remaining episodes of Mad Men.
Here's the trailer for season 7:
And we watched a movie, I think, at home.  (I want to go see Deadpool.)

I read much of The Martian, but have not finished it yet.

I played a little bit of video games.

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