Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Social Media Measuring

A lot of the work in measuring social media seems to be simply measuring how well marketers are getting their message out there and how well people are responding to it.  That's the business side of things, the idea that these communities and forums are places where marketers can get and hold the attention of people and make use of that attention.  Either they want to aim their marketing strategies at these people, using the community as a captive audience, or they want to mine it for data to determine how to best market their product to them.

I've been looking at a Ford Ranger forum, which includes all kinds of things, from techniques for fixing common problems, to modifying the pickup in lots of ways, to sharing recipes for things like food.  Strange, it seems to me.  It's a lot of guy-talk, but not entirely.

It's here:

I signed up; entry is free.  People post pictures of their rigs, whether they look cool or not, just to show they have a Ranger (which makes them a part of the community).  I was interested in seeing some of the odd questions that are there, which includes things like, "how many miles are on your Ranger?"  What's the purpose of asking for that information?  Just to be the starter of a thread?

Starting a thread gives the person a little "thread starter" button.  Like this:
So, in the conversation, whatever happens in the thread, he gets to be identified as the thread starter.  Why does he want to have his Ranger make more noise?  I dunno.  

I've tried out picture posting, replying to a thread (against the loud muffler!) and commenting on my own picture.  I also tweaked my profile.  

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