Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Moving Poems and the Art of Visual Poetry

Since we began this program in English for New Media, I've been compelled by the attraction of video poetry, poems that go, poems that combine an audio or textual element with a video.  I love the work that people have done with the short video, a film the length of a short lyric poem.  I just added to the list of cool sites, a link to Moving Poems Magazine.  It's work a trip there.  Although it's in German, here's a visual and auditory hurricane of "Der Conny Ihr Pony," a poem by Martin Hentze, film by Robert Pohle.  Strange, freaky, funny, weird.  Yup, that's "Der Conny Ihr Pony."

Der Conny ihr Pony from robert pohle on Vimeo.

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