Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Watching Good Videos: ENM Style

My students in Foundations for English for New Media class have done a nice job of representing some simple text in some short videos.  From using stop motion photography to filming themselves blasting away at a piece of paper to spell out "English for New Media," the videos capture a nice sense of style and action.  It's a good thing to see and gives a look at the kinds of things that students enjoy and know how to do.  Thanks, guys!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

New York Times, NFL, and New Media

I love the little activities that some of the online sites give a person to do to check in with the world out there, to test your skills against the universe (without the trouble of traveling and living in the Olympic Village for a month).  My go-to is the New York Times, where they offer some cool things like choosing a March Madness basketball pool or building one on your own, and then testing your scoring and picks against either your friends or the world.  I'm a sucker for that.

So I stepped up to the plate for the Times' questions about what would happen at the Super Bowl:  would Alicia Keyes sing for over a minute and a half?  How many times would Jim Harbaugh appear on screen in the first half?  Would the Destiny's Child ladies join Beyonce at halftime?  That kind of nonsense.  So I answered the questions, and then checked later.  Six right answers out of 25.  I even go the eventual winner of the game wrong.

But my point is that this kind of interactivity can bring those readers to the paper, get them to come back and check their scores, make them watch the game a little differently.  You can watch her halftime show here: