Friday, October 14, 2011

Inanimate Alice and the Future of Storytelling

One of my favorite sites for new media writing and storytelling, especially the creepy fiction variety, is Dreaming Methods, which hosts a wide variety of stories that use new media tools for building interactive fiction pieces.  Today's look at the site took me to a big project, a digital novel called Inanimate Alice, which appears to be even more interactive and ambitious than previous projects on the DM site.  The story is episodic, apparently, developing over time as young Alice develops into a game designer and animator.  It's supposed to run over various platforms, smart phones and the like, as well as the computer, using Flash animation.  I checked out the first episode, set in China, and it's got some promising interactive opportunities.  I've ordered an education pack to see how it turns out and what they are recommending for its use in the classroom.

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