Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Unholy Spawn of English and New Media

I've been trolling for some good examples of what's happening to books and stories in the digital world.  The following are some of the places that creative writers with a visual/high-tech interest have been migrating to.  You think English, they think New Media.  Check them out!

Digital Storytelling (Non-fiction)


  1. Hi, John--Nice blog, and thanks very much for the link. It is much appreciated! I am going to add one for your blog on my links page, too...

    alan bigelow

  2. Sounds good, Alan. Thanks for all the good work you guys are doing over at Webyarns!

  3. Well, I wish it was a bunch of us (I am thinking a million monkeys with typewriters), but it's a solo job, and slow-going. My rate is 3-4 a year--if I can only keep that up...