Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Newspapers Online

I became interested in the news when I was in a World Politics class back at Black Hills State University.  We had to read Newsweek every week, cover to cover.  I had been a laggard and ignorant about much of the events in the world until then, even as race riots, Vietnam, Kent State, Watergate, and many other major events unfolded.  I was largely in the dark.  Nobody in my family much paid attention.  I did, however, take a lot of interest in the space program, especially the moon walk in 1969.  However, in about 1979, I got on board.  The semester of reading Newsweek got me in the flow, and I subscribed to the magazine for years.

That all changed again when The New York Times began offering its news for free in the 90's.  When I was at work, I could read that magnificent paper, but at home I couldn't--the slow, dial-up connection would take forever to load the pages.  Now many papers offer content for free, although this is bound to change.  Our own Trojan Times ceased its paper publication last semester and went totally online.  It had had an online edition previously, but it was rarely updated and hadn't been changed for years.  Some other papers worth checking out are here:
My old paper, The Sisseton Courier, has an online site.  Does your home town?  

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