Monday, February 14, 2011

My Newspaper Experience

My longest tie with newspapers was with the Huron Daily Plainsman, which I delivered starting at 8 years old in Ft. Pierre.  There was a local paper, the Ft. Pierre Times, and the Capitol Journal, and there were others that people could get, including the Argus Leader and Grit.  Some delivered the Reminder, a free publication that came out on Wednesdays.  I delivered the "Huronite" for about four or five years, every day after school and on Sunday mornings.  No Saturday edition, I think.  I collected on every other Saturday.  It was 90 cents for each week, I think.  Sometimes I had trouble collecting.

I used to write book reviews for the Wichita Eagle-Beacon (later the Eagle).  I wrote about one a month.  No pay, but free books.  That was a little nerve-wracking, as my reviews appeared in the paper with the largest circulation in Kansas.

I wrote feature articles for the Sisseton Courier in the summers when I lived there.  I loved doing that. I still write an occasional article for the Madison paper.

I edit and lay out a newsletter for the Lake County Historical Society and sometimes write articles.  

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