Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Electronic Media Gizmos

Okay, I have to confess.  I have some old crap.  I have the following from my days in the service, circa 1975:  

·         A Kenwood stereo amplifier, 83 watts (which was big in those days)
·         A matching Kenwood tuner (which hasn’t been plugged in for some time)
·         A Teac reel-to-reel SX-4300.  A sweet machine, still works great.
·         A Marantz direct-drive turntable
·         A Pioneer cassette tape deck
·         A Teac cd player hooked up to the stereo parts above (about 15 years old, probably)
·         A pair of Pinnacle speakers, kick-ass (but small, compared to the Pioneer HPM-100 speakers that I blew up.
·         About 1000 stereo record albums, all still good, well kept, with everything from Merle Haggard to Elton John to AC\DC.
·         A lot of cassettes, a few 45’s,  several dozen reel-to-reel tapes
Midway between the old and new:
·         A portable boom-box, with a cd player, cassette, and radio
·         A hand-me-down component stereo in the garage, with radio, cassette player
·         A cell phone with one song on it: “Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree”
·         A Sony PS-2 game console with several games, a guitar, and several Guitar Hero games, some driving games, and some 007 games (which sits in the basement and is almost never played)
·         A conventional TV, connected to an antenna (getting us about a dozen channels for free).  It’s on much of the time when we’re home.  We watch sitcoms, movies, dramas, the network news, and public television, including documentaries
·         A VHS/DVD player (one unit), plus another VHS and another DVD player in the basement
·         Two more TV’s never used.
·         A Kodak digital camera, now retired
·         A Nikon digital camera, now out of service.  I was using this a lot until it fell out of my bag and refused to wake up. 
·         A Sony digital camera, rarely used
·         A cheapo digital camera that will hold about 16 pictures, very cruddy pics, but very small
·         A radio alarm clock next to our bed and in the guest bedroom.
·         Our tablet computers, which we use for work, shopping, and communication
·         A desktop computer, used mostly for photos and a newsletter
·         An older Macintosh, rarely used
·         An old Dell laptop maybe 8 years old, not used
·         A Lexmark all-in-one printer, with a scanner and copier
·         A second-generation iPod with many songs
·         A Panasonic Lumix camera
·         A cell-phone with no music on it
Relatively new stuff:
·         An iRiver music player with a 10g hard drive (maybe 5 or 6 years old, almost retired)
·         A small Creative Zen music player (with a radio and voice recorder).  I use this when I’m working out or riding my bike.  It’s got about 15 albums on it.  Sometimes, I play albums, sometimes random.  No playlists
·         A Roku unit for streaming Netflix to our TV. 
My car has a radio, CD, and cassette player.  We mostly listen to the radio, but we keep CD’s in the car and play them when we’re on the road.
My pickup has a radio and cassette player

I do lots of stuff with my computer, everything from recording music to making videos to writing poems and stories.  Lots of stuff online.  

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