Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blogging Tool Testing

We're working with blogging options on the student blogs.  The course text is Media Now, 7th Edition.  It's got some online materials, but we're making some of our own, including some upcoming work on a wiki, and plenty of trying out of blogging tools.  Some things to try:

  • Commentary.  Text is the key to blogging, and it's no mistake to say that good commentary makes good text.  Adding to the accumulating knowledge of the world, especially as it relates to English and New Media, and we're good.
  • Photographs.  It's easy to snap some shots and upload them.  Again, you're helping make the world become better informed.  With the blog, you can link to photos not your own, but better yet, you can upload the great photos that you've got.  
  • Video.  It's like the photos above.  Upload your own or add links, embed ones worth commenting on from Youtube, Vimeo, or the many other sites where others upload the millions of hours of video being constantly uploaded.
  • Comments.  Write on blogs not your own, and promote some of your own posts on other sites.  
  • Links. Show what sites you're watching and reading (including, yes, Facebook, if you're a fan).  
  • RSS.  Build some blog feeds into your site.  Make your site a place where your followers get news from the sources you decide.
  • Surveys.  Add a survey widget and see what your readers think about some issue.  
  • Other Gadgets:  Try some of the many gadgets that are offered up by Google and their blogging team. 
Then, tell us about your efforts at building a strong presence.  

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